GM8 Turbo For GMC Chevrolet Pick-up GM5 12552738 New

Compatible Turbocharger Models

OE Turbo Part Number

Compatible OE Turbo Part Number
GM4, GM5, 12552738

Compatible Vehicle Models
1993- GMC Chevrolet Pick-up Trucks with GM 6.5L diesel engine

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TURBOKOO is a replacement turbochargers manufacturer in China. With a production history of fifteen years, the factory has introduced cutting-edge precision testing equipment from the US, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Our cost-effective turbochargers for the aftermarket are developed using OE quality material and process. By utilizing high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, our turbochargers are built to last and provide exceptional reliability.

With the help of China’s complete turbocharger industry chain, we can quickly complete the development, assembly and delivery of turbochargers. Welcome all importers and e-commerce businesses of auto parts to contact us.

TURBOKOO GM8 Turbo Specifications

Compatible Turbocharger Models:

OE Turbo Part Number:

Compatible OE Turbo Part Number:
667-228, 847-1005, 12369017, 12530336, 12530337, 12533737, 12533738, 12552738, 12556124, 170-423-0019, 829-675-9980, 14030027101, 14030027102, 14030027103, 14030027104, 14030027105, 14030027-101, 14030027-102, 14030027-103, 14030027-104, 14030027-105, 2N102, 2N-102, 2T102, 2T-102, 40-30027AN, 599TC21102100, 8651PP, 8651-PP, 8I06200484, 8I06-200-484, GM5, GM-5, GM8, GM-8, GM-8R, GM8R

Compatible Vehicle Models:
1993- GMC Chevrolet Pick-up Trucks with GM 6.5L diesel engine

● TURBOKOO GM8 Turbo Turbine Wheel Material: K418 nickel-based superalloy

● Turbine Housing Material: we can provide ductile iron, mid-Si-Mo ductile iron and even high-nickel ductile iron

● TURBOKOO GM8 Turbo 100% consistent with OE size.

● 100% tested on TURBO TECHNICS/CIMAT machine.

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