PCBA 3784299 For HE300VG HE351VE OE Turbo Actuator 5601240 Rebuild

✔️Volt: 12V

✔️OE Number: 3784299

✔️Ref. Number: 5601240, 4034315

✔️100% OE quality chips

✔️100% consistent with OE assembly size

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TURBOKOO PCBA 3784299 Specifications


OE Number:

Ref. Turbo Actuator Part Number:
3778619, 3778619NX, 3778619RX, 3778623, 3784299, 3785180, 3788936, 4034168, 4034168NX, 4034168RX, 4034309, 403430900H, 403430900HX, 4034309H, 4034309HX, 4034309NX, 4034309RX, 4034395, 4034395NX, 4034395RX, 5452689, 5459882, 5494878, 549487800H, 549487800HX, 5494878H, 5494878HX, 5494878NX, 5494878RX, 5555542, 5601240, 560124000H, 560124000HX, 5601240H, 5601240HX, 5601240K, 5601240KX, 5601240NX, 5601240RX, 6318460, 6374774, 6374774RX, 6382096, 6382096H, 6382096HX, 6382096NX, 6382096RX.

PCBA 3784299 Advantage:

● 100% OE quality chips

● 100% consistent with OE assembly size

About TURBOKOO Turbo Actuator
As one of the most advanced turbo actuator manufacturers in China, our factory produces high-quality turbo actuators, including turbo pneumatic actuators and VTG actuators.

Our Factory is TS16949 certified, meeting the strict quality demands of the automobile industry.

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