Small Turbojet Engine For UAVs, Drones, 400N Thrust, OEM

TK400 Turbojet engine with Excellent thrust-to-weight ratio

Low fuel consumption and high efficiency

Adequate power and superior performance, 3.2kg weight with 400N thrust

Low cost and high cost-performance ratio

Advanced technology and quality assurance

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TK400 is a small civil turbojet engine with 400N thrust excellent performance. It can operate within the temperature range of 40℃ to 50℃ and the maximum operating altitude is 9000 meters.

The cruise throttle range is 80%~90% and the maximum allowed longitudinal overload during take-off is 6G and the maximum flight speed is 300m/s.

TK300 turbojet engine can use a 3S-4S lithium polymer battery and one-key electronic start-up. The speed range is between 35000~97000, and the standard thrust can reach 400N.

The maximum exhaust temperature is 780℃ and the maximum fuel consumption is 980g/min (97000RPM).

This jet engine uses kerosene or diesel as fuel, 5% Moby2 as lubricating oil, and the regular maintenance cycle is 25 hours.

The oil pump voltage is 0.8v, the speed slope is 100%, the oil pump slope is 3, the hot head voltage is 6.6v, the ignition valve is 40, the ignition speed is 3000rpm, the preheating speed is 5000rpm, the clutch disengagement speed is 20000rpm.

We can produce turbojet engines and engine parts with thrust ranging from 40kg to 100kg.

We are OEM factories, and we can customize jet engines or engine parts according to customer drawings or requirements.