TURBOKOO Turbocharger 4N9554 For Caterpillar 4LE-504 Model D6C Tractor, 235 Excavator

Compatible Turbocharger Models

OE Turbo Part Number

Compatible OE Turbo Part Number
4N9617, 4N9618, 5S9583, 7S1701, 7S1702, 8S4986, 8S4987, 8S9234, 8S9237, 8S9536

Compatible Vehicle Models
Caterpillar Earth Moving 3306

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We are an aftermarket turbocharger and turbocharger actuator manufacturer. Currently focusing on ODM business, we produce customized products according to customer demands. Our current turbochargers and actuators export markets include North America, South America and Europe within the aftermarket sector.

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Compatible Turbocharger Models:
4LE-504, E-504

OE Turbo Part Number:

Compatible OE Turbo Part Number:
146263, 310258, 146263R, 147197, 147197R, 148498, 148498R, 148499, 148499R, 149168, 149168R, 149169, 149169R, 178048, 180287, 180287R, 180288, 180288R, 478048, 0R5812, 4N9617, 4N9618, 5S9583, 7S1701, 7S1702, 8S4986, 8S4987, 8S9234, 8S9237, 8S9536

Compatible Vehicle Models:
Caterpillar D6C-Tractor, 14E/140-Grader, 235-Excavator, 814/815-Wheel Tractor, 815-Compactor, 816-Landfill compactor, 966C-Wheel Loader, 977K-Traxcavator 3306-

● Turbine Wheel Material: K418 nickel-based superalloy
● Turbine Housing Material: we can provide ductile iron, mid-Si-Mo ductile iron and even high-nickel ductile iron
● Completely matched with the original engine
● We use balancing machines such as Schenck/Cimat to balance the turbo cartridges.
● Flow test on TURBO TECHNICS/CIMAT machine.

About TURBOKOO Turbocharger
Our cost-effective turbochargers for the aftermarket are developed using OE quality material and process. By utilizing high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, our turbochargers are built to last and provide exceptional reliability.

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