TURBOKOO Titanium Billet Compressor Wheels For Gas Turbine Engine

Our five-axis machining center production line is busy machining a 575mm diameter titanium alloy wheels for a customer. This 575mm diameter billet compressor wheels is custom-made for use in a gas turbine. Our five-axis machining center production line has strong machining capabilities and can produce impellers and parts with diameters of up to 800mm for our customers.

What is a gas turbine?

A gas turbine(also known as combustion turbine engine) is a type of internal combustion engine that utilizes the continuous flow of gas to drive a turbine at high speeds, converting the energy of the fuel into useful mechanical work. It is a type of rotary blade heat engine.

gas turbine engine

How does a gas turbine work?

In the primary flow path of air and gas, a gas turbine consists of only three main components: the compressor, combustor, and gas turbine, forming what is known as a simple cycle. Most combustion turbine engines adopt this simple cycle configuration.

The compressor draws in air from the surrounding atmosphere and progressively compresses it through axial-flow compressors, increasing its pressure and temperature. The compressed air is then sent to the combustor where it is mixed with fuel and burned to produce high-temperature, high-pressure gas.

This gas then enters the turbine to expand and perform work, driving the turbine to rotate at high speed along with the compressor and the external load rotor. This process converts the chemical energy of the gas or liquid fuel into mechanical work and outputs electrical power. The exhaust gas from the turbine is released into the atmosphere, dissipating its heat naturally.

The world's largest gas turbine

In this way, the combustion turbine converts the chemical energy of the fuel into heat, and then converts a portion of this heat into mechanical energy. Typically, in a combustion turbine engine, the compressor is driven by the expansion work of the gas turbine, acting as a load on the turbine. In a simple cycle, about half to two-thirds of the mechanical work produced by the turbine is used to drive the compressor, with the remaining one-third or so used to drive the generator.

When starting a combustion turbine, external power is initially required, typically provided by a starter motor to drive the compressor. The gas turbine can only operate independently when the mechanical work produced by the gas turbine exceeds the mechanical work consumed by the compressor. At this point, the external starter is disengaged.

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